snooki without makeup

Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, better known as Snooki to the world, is a glam diva with a fan base that extends all across Europe, Asia and America and created mainly by her stint in Jersey Shore – a tremendously successful MTV reality show. Currently starring Snooki and Jwoww, this reality TV star has shot to the highest echelons of fame in the last decade primarily because of her charming personality which wheedles viewers every time she appears on the TV screen. Besides appearing in a number of talk shows, Snooki is also a part of the WWE Raw wrestling programme that has attained fame and popularity all across the world.

The enormously famous TV star was recently thrust into some more of the dazzling limelight by the photos that she released in the media – the photos were that of the diva, without any kind of makeup decorating her appearance. The photos of Snooki without makeup created a buzz all around the world entertainment and within quick time, a definitive synopsis could be made, that established the salient features of the makeup-less form of Snooki.

  1. The aftermath of being a mother – The pictures of Snooki without makeup expressly revealed how motherhood had changed the life of this glam girl. However, while revealing the photographs, she explicitly mentioned that one of the sole intentions with which she was revealing these photos was to make it clear to her fans and the rest of the world that she was absolutely enjoying life as a mother. Her highs-spirited response to newfound motherhood has been amply demonstrated by her naturally cheerful facial expressions in these photos.
  2. Loss of weight and pregnancy pounds of motherhood – More than the cheerfulness of Snooki, what was more explicitly conveyed by the photos to her fans was the distinct loss in her weight and the fat added to her body by the travails of motherhood. That the star is regaining the lost slimness in her figure is amply clear from the snapshots that have been taken without any unnecessary additions.
  3. Chances of the imminent full fledged comeback of the star – The affection between Snooki and her newborn child is perhaps not unknown to any of her fans, but the recently revealed photographs indicate that notwithstanding the responsibilities of raising the newborn, Snooki may soon be seen back in her full flow. The passionate audience of her reality shows and her die-hard fans, alike, have been eagerly awaiting the return of this star to the versatility that she used to display in her halcyon days of the past.
  4. The re-establishment of the link between Snooki and her followers – The brief duration of time, during which Snooki was under medical care following her pregnancy, did take away some of the most priceless emotional connections that she had forged with her fans in the past. However, her informal disclosure of the pictures, without makeup, indicates that she is once again ready to be a part and parcel of entertainment world.