snooki makeup

Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, better known as “Snooki” surely came a long way. From being a girl from a middle class family to one of country’s most popular reality show star it has been a helluva journey for her. She was a part of the hit reality show “Jersey Shore” aired by MTV network. After the show got over Snooki has managed to stay in limelight by appearing in different talk shows like “Late show by David Letterman”, “the view”, “Jimmy Kemmel Live”, “ The Wendy Williams Show”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” etc. She is one of the most paid reality show stars. In season 5 of the reality show “Jersey Shores” she got one hundred fifty thousand dollars per episode.

No matter what critics say about her, Snooki always had a really dedicated fan following. They love her, her attitude, her dressing style, basically everything about her. They even love dressing up like her. That is the exact sentiment Snooki is trying to exploit by launching her own fashion line, line of cosmetics and jewelry line. One can really try the “Snooki” look when going out for clubbing with friends. It is a fun filled, edgy look which is sure to turn a lot of heads. One can expect a lot of attention with this kind of make up for sure. It is also very easy to try out the “Snooki” look.


If you want to replicate the Snooki look then read up this article. One needs to get a few things before trying out this look.  Firstly one would need some good quality foundation. One would do well to get a foundation that gives an airbrushed look and hides those pores. A good foundation of any standard brand would do. One also needs a good illuminator that will bring that glow on one’s skin. The illuminator will brighten up one’s face at onece. The next thing that would come handy is a good bronzer for that glamorous look. For the eye make up one needs black eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. One should also get fake eyelashes and a lipstick of nude shade or pink shade.


At first one needs to apply the foundation on one’s face in an even manner. One can either use a brush meant for applying foundation or use a sponge. Next thing that has to be used is the illuminator. One has to slowly blend the illuminator onto the cheeks and highlight the cheek bones. That will frame one’s face beautifully. One needs to give the illuminator some time to set and use the bronzer next. It is very important to let the illuminator set otherwise the bronzer might become flaky. The black eye shadow is to be used next. One needs to apply it really dark on one’s eye lid. The shadow should be winged out to create the cat eye look. The mascara also has to be dark enough to highlight the eyes. Next one needs to put on the glue and wait for it to settle down. Once it does, one can put on the fake eyelashes. The last thing on the list is the neon coloured lipstick. One needs to apply it evenly onto the lips, and then put a second coat. Once that is over one is ready to party in Snooki style!